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saving chart visual settings


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I have a web app that uses CharFX.Internet class that creates a wrapper to set the properties of a chart e.g. data source.  The chart settings are quite large, hence it is not feasible to set up the wrapper to cater for everything.  As a result, I've decided to implement a "designer" type functionality to set up the chart visuals without loading any "real" data.  Is there a function that allows the export of visual settings on the client side and then importing the visuals on the server side?

The purpose is that my web app has a design mode and a run mode.  In design mode you can set up all the settings and data series while in run mode it populates the chart with the appropriate settings.

I've looked into the Export/Import function but that is server side code.  I could use an ajax style functionality to run some code, but I'm not sure how to fire off an event.  See next point.

I've tried creating a custom action for the toolbar, but the online documentation seems to be incomplete.  It cuts off at setting up the handler function.

I've looked at the "Save My Chart" function on the toolbar, but that saves the settings against the current user and would not repeat for muliple users.


If anyone has any ideas on a way forward or have come across a similar problem, any help would be appreciated.



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