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Tool-tips doesn't show after hide() in MDI-Child


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I have a simple WinForm containing only a chart control.

This Form is a Child of a MDI Form.

When I use ChartForm.Show() for the first time no problem occurs.

Now I'm hiding ChartForm in the FormClosing Event

private void ChartForm_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e)


if (e.CloseReason == CloseReason.UserClosing)



e.Cancel = true;



So far so good

The next time I start ChartForm.Show() all tool-tips from the series are gone.

It seem the GetTip-Event isn't fired anymore

When I'm using ChartForm as a simple Form and not as a MDI-Child the problem doesn't occur.


And now to something completely different

Is it possible to assign one series or more to a CustomLegendItem.

I have around twenty series, each four series have the same name. I want to bundle this four series in a group and highlight all when I hover over a CustomLegendItem.



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