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Chart not displaying when large amount of data present


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I have an application which is displaying a lot ofdata (up to 6000 points in one graph) and it is a requirement thattooltips are used.

This is likely along the lines ofthe following thread, but I thought I'd investigate further to see ifanybody knows of any solution:


Theproblem arises not so much because of the large amount of data butbecause the ChartFX software seems to be creating up to 3 <area>tags per data item.  It is when the number of area tags reaches~9800 (approx 3500 data items) that it stops displaying the chartwhich is what led me to believe this is associated with the threadlinked above.  

Couple of questions:

1. Why does ChartFX create 3 <area> tags per data item?  Can I change this manually somewhere?

 2. Is this a setting in IE, can it be changed?


(can post any of the code if necessary)




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