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Explicit example needed C# coded chart


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I could use an explicit example of setting up a new Ribbon (3d) chart in C#. We are wanting to use it on a rotating square which doesn't lend to doing it in the xaml very easily. Can someone please show me how to set up a line(ribbon) graph programatically with the data being passed in? I also need to see how to label the x-axis with date values in this manner.

 So as to be specific, lets say the following is the data I wish to map

X values ('09/01/2007', '10/01/2007','11/15/2007','01/07/2008','05/14/2008') which I have immediately available as an array of strings.

corresponding Y values is an array of integers (13,16,14,17,19) for one ribbon

and Y values (15,15,16,14,14) for second ribbon.

If possible show me how to populate these ribbons and do a  decent 3d transform that will show them off well.


For extra credit, It would be cool to see how to link this same example to a Microsoft CE db just by passing values from two fields (date and the int) directly from a table. Again, all programmatically with no code in the XAML.


Any help is appreciated.



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Ok, I still need the answer to the above,, but here is what I have so far...

List<comparisons> dataPts = new List<comparisons>();for (int i = 0; i < appointmentTimes.Length; i++)


dataPts.Add(new comparisons(appointmentTimes, Grades));



Chart chart1 = new Chart();chart1.ClipToBounds = true;

chart1.PointCount = Grades.Length;


true;chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Line;

chart1.Data.Series = 2;

chart1.ItemsSource = dataPts;

Here is where I am stuck... This will plot ONE line, but how do I enter the data for the baseline(2nd line) in C#? Cannot figure out the correct way to use series.


Secondly, how do I use the transform in C# to place the correct angles for the 3d line...


Third , How do you actually make the line into a ribbon - what is the call in C#.


Fourth. Why doesn't my clip to bounds work? I end up filling just the corner of the canvas. I need it to be dynamic based on the canvas container so that it will work in different resolutions.

Fifth, how do I change it into one of those cool Gel elements in C#




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 Here is a very simple example that follows the similiar setup to urs, this adds a series, and if u do the same process again it will add a seperate series.  You have to set the ItemSource to null because for some reason it won't instantiant otherwise


ChartFX.WPF.SeriesAttributes series = new ChartFX.WPF.SeriesAttributes();

this.m_Report.chart1.ItemsSource = null;

List dataPts = new List()

; for (int i = 0; i < value.Length; i++)

{ dataPts.Add(value); }


series.ItemsSource = dataPts;


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 I do not know the answer to this question, however:

I have a question for you.  Your code uses a List of <comparison> which I am assuming is a user made class so that you can hold X and Y points.  I created something similiar called XYMeasure based on the sample.  My code works perfectly when I have it as a List of doubles as I showed, but when I use this class It compiles but when I call m_Report.ShowDialog() (my name for the entire window)  it does not display and has a null exception thrown.  Is there anything special about your <comparison> class, and if soo can i see it, if not how do you display the chart(s).  Currently mine is derieved from Window but you can also derive it from usercontrol among other things.


Thanks alot!

edit: when I get caught up I can try to look into this other issue for you because i will need that as well.

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