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Referencing Nested Controls


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Hi, i posted the following over a week ago....:

having used the designer to assemble parent-child, hierarchical gridstructure, how programmatically can i reference the nested grids? Forexample:

... grid1.FindControls("Grid2") ...

Can you shine a light on this.?



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Sorry about the lack of response.  Referencing child grids is pretty easy.  First, you need to reference the child grid's container.  From there, finding the child grid is easy.

If your child grid is in a side bar, it's super easy:  grid1.SideBars[0].FindControl("grid2");

If your child grid is in the ItemDetails area, you first need to reference the item, then call its FindControlInTemplate method.  grid1.Items[0].FindControlInTemplate("grid2")

Does this answer your question?

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so close...i used the following sample - it still returns null:


 the following mark-up shows how the grid is nested within the parent grid


</DataFields>   <ItemDetails>   <ContentTemplate>     <GridFX:Grid ID="Grid2" runat="server" DataParameterField="RegionID"  OnSelectedItemsChanged="GridSelectedItemsChanged">


Any thoughts?  


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In order for the Grid2 to exist, the item needs to be expanded.  However, the expansion happens after OnLoad.  There is an event on grid called ItemDetailsExpansionChanged.  Handle that event.  Check to see if the item is expanded via e.Expanded.  If that is true, the FindControlInTemplate should return the grid.  You can also do e.DetailsCell.FindControl in the event handler.

 Try that.  Let me know how it works out.

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