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Multi-series best practices?


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I'm pretty new to using the ChartFX WinForms control.  Can anyone help me with the "best" approach to programmatically handle charting the following situation?

 In a database there are tables of transactional time-series data, say 'Inventory', 'Production', 'Demand', 'Shipments', etc.  The data in each table is similar in that each row has a datetime and a value.  There could be hundreds or thousands of points in each series.  Plotting any one series is pretty straight-forward, and if the different series were separate columns on the same table, that wouldn't be a problem -- what's confusing me is how to combine them on the same chart when they are in different tables. 

A user may desire to see production and demand plotted together, or any other combination, but the datetimes on the different tables will not be in sync (e.g. production is entered at the end of each day but demand is recorded when an order is received at random intervals and times of day).  The selection of series to plot needs to be dynamic and series' may be added or removed at will. 

So, how should I go about telling the chart to add one of these series to the existing chart, syncing the date time values for a single x-axis, etc?

Any advice/direction is very much appreciated.



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