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Series color and scroll bar issues

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I'm working with the OLAP extension and I'm trying to change the color of

the first two series to red and navy

chart1.Series[0].Color = Color.Red;

chart1.Series[1].Color = Color.Navy;

By the moment I'm using the ChartFX5 palete (but it might any palete, as

long as I get those colors for the first two series).

Has any body had the same problem assigning a color to a series?.

It's starting to get on my nervs, the ChartFX, because I have other problems

with properties that are supposed to work easily, but they just don't...

For example, I'm also trying to work with the scroll bar on the chart, so I

can set it to certain point (almost at the end of the chart). I'm using the

code below

chart1.Scrollable = true;

int scrollSize = chart1.AxisX.ScrollSize;

chart1.AxisX.ScrollPosition = scrollSize-10;

but once again, it doesn't work. The scroll bar does appear, but it is on

the first part of the chart and not where I need it. In fact, the ScrollSize

property is returning a value 0 (zero) -which I think is wrong-, and even if

I use a direct value such as chart1.AxisX.ScrollPosition = 40;

it does not set the scroll bar to any point other than the beginning of the


Has anybody worked with these properties?

Please, I would appreciate your help very much!


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