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PowerGadgets Creator and CSVfiles


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I have a csv file in the following format (1.txt) :

Type,Units,Total,,TTL,"76  ","48465  "A1,"6 ","2155 "A2,"12  ","7348 "O,"3 ","3283 "F,"53  ","33268  "I,"2 ","2411 "M1,"0 ","0   "M2,"493 ","346959 "

If I do , import-csv "c:\1.txt" | out-chart -values Units, Total -Label Type on the PS command line, it produced the chart as expected.

However, if I use the Powershell Creator : Choose the 'Chart' gadget, "Use windows Powershell", and type import-csv "c:\1.txt" and click on test the results are displayed correctly. If I then click on finsh, the chart displays "No Data Available". If I click on the 'Adjust Data to Chart" option, the columns are listed, but the data types are all set to System.String and cannot be changed.

At the command line, powergadgets is able to perform the conversion of the strings to numeric, but in PG Creator I don't have the option to do this. How do I adjust the datatype and get the data displayed in PowerGadgets Creator ? Is it possible to create a .pgf file from the command line and then import it into the PG Creator to modify the settings ?


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Try using scriptblocks to load the values:


In the end, having the quotes around the numerical values, could cause an issue at first glance.

You want strings to simply be VALUE, yet numerical values to be represented as "NUMBER".  The simple fact that you're quoting the numerical values would have led me to think PowerShell/PowerGadgets would have forced this to be recongnized as a string, but I guess I'm wrong.


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