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Highlighted event not accessible on client-side

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I have written a windows application that allows us to query a database and

chart the resultant data in a chart. We have also created custom studies

(Cpu and Cpl which are variants of Cpk). To display the Cpu and Cpl study

values when multiples series are charted, I use the Highlighted event to

determine which series is being moused over. This works well, because the

event is fired when the series is highlighted whenever it is moused over, in

the chart, as well as the Series Legend and Data Editor. So, after we have

created these chart templates we save them (minus the data) for retrieval


To view the charts, we have developed a web page to select the chart and

display it. The server side code opens the template, performs the SQL

query, populates the chart and sends it to the web client. This all seems to

work fine. However, in order to display the Cpu and Cpl study values, I

need to write client side javascript code to dynamically calculate and

display the values. I've configured the .NET Client Control Security

Settings correctly and I do have and active chart (MainClient=false, HtmlTag

= ".NET", etc...).

Now, my problem is that the Highlighted event does not exist on the client

side and there is no other event that provides the same functionality. I've

tried the GetTip event, but it only works in the chart area, not the Series

Legend or the Data Editor. The other problem is that the IgnoredSeries

array in the Statistical extension also does not work on the client side.

Visual Studio 2003 reports that it is an Array of Long, but Javascript

cannot reference it as it is reported as, "contains null or is not an

object". There are other inconsistencies between the windows forms classes

and the web forms classes, but these two are my biggest problem right now.

Any help would be appreciated.


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