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Powergadgets not displaying chart correctly


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Hey everybody,I'm pretty new to PowerGadgets and PowerShell, but I have been creating gadgets for a few weeks now but I've been stumped on a chart that it supposed to display two lines by date and no. of tickets and the two lines one red and one blue for opened and closed tickets. But the chart is giving me one line and separating the values by opened and closed, instead of two lines, one for open and one for closed. When I try to go to "Adjust Data to Chart" I put in my three data columns to be used and hit Next and I want No. of Tickets on the Y and Date on X and it gives me an option to do that but when I select that it gives me three lines with random data (I have no idea where these numbers are coming from) and it just says Status 0, Status 1, Status 2, instead of Open, Closed and the on the X axis it just says Week 1, Week 2, so on, and so on, instead of actual dates. I'm really lost on this one but if anyone can help that would be appreciated. If any more explanations on what I'm doing would help please let me know so that I can clarify some things.



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