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Empty data opints


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Are options of splining/averaging/zeroing emty(or null) data points in a series supported in Chart FX 7?

For example if I have the following data points

Date Value

Jan 900

Feb 1000


Apr   500

May 700


Then if I choose a curve or line series to implement the data above then there will be a line in between Feb and Apr datapoint (depending on some optioin I set whether to splline, average or zero-out the null data point). What I'm seeing right now in the samples is the line or curve is just being cut in the middle (on the March-data point). 

Thanks for any input on this.


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Hello Pmpicasos, 

I've just come across a similar issue where I have two series 1 ends at Mar and one spans the 6 months:

Date   Series 1   Series 2

Jan 900   800

Feb 600   880

Mar 800   700

Apr 500

May   700


Ideally i would like my chart to span the 6 months and have series 2 stop at march.


Did you have any luck with your issue?



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