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Chart is rendering wierd icons and labels that appear to be menu icons...


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Sorry I cannot post a graphic because I only have a screenshot. But basically, in my webform, I have a chart (Chart FX VS 2005)

The chart renders fine but above the chart I am getting icons like , disk icons, save icons, color palets, etc.. and text that says "save my chart", "load my chart", "Restore defaults".. all on a seperate line and when you scroll all the way down the page, then you see my chart.

 Where are these icons and text labels coming from and how do I make them go away?  They are not part of my app.  They appear to be chartfx context menu items or chartfx toolbar items that should not be visible but they are showing up at the top of the page where the chart should start and they show up one item per line.  If i could upload a screen shot I would.


Also the items that are appearing are clickable and when you click them you get error saying: "The target for the callback could not be found or did not implement ICallBackEventHandler"





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I have seen this issue reported by few customers but I haven't been able to replicate the issue. You're probably rendering the chart as Image. Please try setting the RenderFormat of Chart to .NET. 

Chart1.RenderFormat =


Also, make sure you have the latest service pack of Chartfx 7 installed.

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