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can u please tell me why the data is not being reflected into the map..... the code is as follows

string mySelectQuery = "select countryname,sum(ElectricityUse)as electricity from AcctRptdata,country where IdCountryCode=countrycode group by countryname";   SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=DEMO_2;Integrated Security=SSPI");   conn.Open();   SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();   DataSet ds = new DataSet();   adapter.SelectCommand = new SqlCommand(mySelectQuery, conn);   adapter.Fill(ds,"AcctRptData,country");     chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("countryname", FieldUsage.Label));   chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("electrcity", FieldUsage.Value));   chart1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];   chart1.ConditionalAttributes.Clear();   ConditionalAttributes condition1 = new ConditionalAttributes();   ConditionalAttributes condition2 = new ConditionalAttributes();   condition1.Condition.To = 1400000;   condition1.Color = Color.Green;   condition2.Color = Color.Red; condition2.Condition.From = 1400001;   condition2.Condition.To = 7200000;   chart1.ConditionalAttributes.Add(condition1);   chart1.ConditionalAttributes.Add(condition2);   chart1.ConditionalAttributes.Recalculate();   conn.Close();

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Hello,First I would confirm that in fact your Map1 extension connecting to your Chart.I came across with the same issue several days ago, and here is the code that solved the issue. In my case my issue was around adapter.Fill(ds); CFXMap.Data.Clear();//SettingsCFXMap.LegendBox.Visible = true;CFXMap.LegendBox.Dock = DockArea.Bottom;CFXMap.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[CFXMap.ConditionalAttributes].Visible = true;//this hides last label and shows NO DATA AVAILABLECFXMap.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[CFXMap.Series].Visible = false; string maskString = "Average: " + "%v";CFXMap.ToolTipFormat = maskString;CFXMap.AxisY.DataFormat.Decimals = 2;CFXMap.Width = 500;try{//Temperature (I have deleted 2007 info) CFXMap.Titles[0].Text = "Average " + RadioTemp.Text + " for " + SelectYear.Text;m_condListT = CFXMap.ConditionalAttributes;m_condListT.Clear();ConditionalAttributes condT1 = new ConditionalAttributes();condT1.Condition.To = 30;condT1.Color = Color.FromArgb(70, 131, 204);condT1.Text = "Under 30";ConditionalAttributes condT2 = new ConditionalAttributes();condT2.Condition.From = 30.01;condT2.Condition.To = 40;condT2.Color = Color.FromArgb(155, 201, 222);condT2.Text = "30 to 40";m_condListT.AddRange(new ConditionalAttributes[] { condT1, condT2});m_condListT.Recalculate();

//Query for TemperatureSQLString = "SELECT temperature.ave, states.code FROM (temperature INNER JOIN states ON temperature.state = states.id) WHERE (states.id<100 AND temperature.[year] = " + SelectYear.SelectedValue + ")";string dataPath = Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "weather.mdb");string myConnectionString = string.Format("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source={0};", dataPath);System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection myConnection = new System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection(myConnectionString);System.Data.DataSet ds = new System.Data.DataSet();System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter adapter = new System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(SQLString, myConnection);\adapter.Fill(ds,"MapData");//Bind the chart to the dataset CFXMap.DataSource = ds.Tables["MapData"];//Set DetailLevel to the first level (Regions)map1.DetailLevel = 0;map1.LabelStylesSettings.ShowThisLevelOnly = true;//map1.Recalculate();CFXMap.Refresh();
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