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Decrease font size in legend


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I have found:


Chart1.LegendBox.Width = 100

Chart1.LegendBox.PlotAreaOnly =



In order to make the legend smaller, is there a way to decrease the font size and the size of the color blocks?


I need to find the best way to fit a large number of items in the legendbox without taking up that much room.  What is the best solution to minimize the size of the legend so that the graph can have as much room as possible? Is there a better graph that I should be using that will help with the size constraints?




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In order to change the Font of the LegendBox, you have to pass a new instance of the Font class as follows:

chart1.LegendBox.Font =

new Font("Arial", 8);

I have found that the size of the font will also increase/decrease the size of the marker inside the LegendBox.

The bottom line is that there is no fix solution for minimizing the size of the LegendBox; its size actually depends on how many LegendBoxItems you are showing when plotting the chart.

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