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GridFX online demo for Custom Filter seems wrong


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I am a new user.  I want to use the Custom Filter.  But right now I don't understand how it should work for the end user.

I did not get the behavior I expect when I used the GridFX online demo for "Custom Filter".

Am I doing something wrong or is the demo not working properly?

1. On the toolbar, "Remove all filters" seems to work. It displays all records.

2. But when I enter:

Field: Last Name,  Condition: StartsWith,  "A"

2.1 The first time I click "Add Filter"  I see only one record but there should be more.

2.2 After I click "Remove all filters" and I click "Add Filter",  I get "no results available"

even though there are several records having last name starting with "A"

3. The "Remove last filter" link seems not to respond.


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I just tried the sample and seems the issue is that when you apply a filter the new filter is applied to the new result. Therefore if you search for last names that starts with "A", then if you search LAST NAMES that starts with "B" you won't see any change on the result since there was not any found.

Another observation, try to use letter A instead of "A" on the search field.


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