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Upgrade from 5.1


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Hi all,

I've recently been asked to get a VB based project working under Vista.  One of the components used by the project is ChartFX.  Originally this was version 5.1 which I understand won't run on Vista.  So last week we upgraded to 6.2 as this is supported and I hoped it would have the least impact on my code.

 However when I compile now I get a number of errors such as :

Error 62 'ChartStatus' is not a member of 'AxCfx62ClientServer.AxChart'

Error 65 'get_Title' is not a member of 'AxCfx62ClientServer.AxChart'.

Error 74 'RGBBk' is not a member of 'AxCfx62ClientServer.AxChart'

Error 76 'RGB3DBk' is not a member of 'AxCfx62ClientServer.AxChart'. 

and more.....


Is there an upgrade guide anywhere I can refer to about what has changed?  Or can anyone help with these specific errors?


Steve H


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OK... Maybe I can be a bit more general. Is it expected that the upgrade from 5.1 to 6.2 breaks so much of my code? I have > 150 compilation errors at the moment. Admittedly several duplicates but very time consuming to go through!

I can't find any docs describing what has changed....



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The API for ChartFX ClientServer 6.2 was completely re-designed. Although we do not have an actual migration guide from version 5.1 to 6.2, I have created an article that shows how to use our ChartFX ClientServer 6.2 component within an MFC application. This article also has a zip file attached where you can download a compilation of C++ projects that can help you in migrating your existing application.


In the future, please post your question(s) under the correct forum. Thank you.

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Thanks for this.

Please can you explain to me in what way was this the wrong forum? The only choices for 6.2 (that I can see) are Web Forms, Windows Forms & Extensions. This certainly isn't a web app nor related to Extensions!

I will look at this article ad see if helps. Thank you. As stated initially my app is a VB app but I have worked a lot with C++ & MFC too so will see what I can do.

Thanks for the reply.


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I just noted that it was in the wrong forum since you reported this under ChartFX for .NET 6.2 and not under ChartFX ClientServer 6.2.

In addition, if you are developing a Visual Basic 6 application using our ClientServer component, please refer to the Samples and Resource Center (Documentation installed with the product) which shows numerous samples related to your programming environment.

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