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I downloaded and installed the latest service pack. this caused all charts within my project to disappear and dispaly a message stating that the license was invalid. I had to reinstall the original version from the CD which rectified the issues. please can you shed some light on this? why would an upgrade cause this problem and what is the best option in order to update the currently installed application.

Many thanks in advance for being helpful!

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To update ChartFX, you just need to download and apply the service pack available for your version of the product from our support website. Please note that applying a service pack only updates the ChartFX binaries within the ChartFX installation folder. You are responsible for re-referencing the ChartFX .dlls in your existing projects in order to reflect these changes.

In regards to the invalid license, it is indeed very strange that applying the service pack have caused this; an invalid license error usually happens when machine information stored in the registry is different than the information extracted at runtime by the component. Basically, this can be caused by the MAC or IP addresses changing, moving the ChartFX installation folder after the component is installed, etc.

As you already found out, reinstalling the product will correct most invalid license errors since the new machine information is now stored with the ChartFX license. If you encounter this problem again, I suggest that you contact Support to supportATsoftwarefx.com with a screenshot of the issue so we can see which invalid license error is being triggered.

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