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Using ConstantLine in VC++

Jonathan Goforth

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 To my extreme frustration I am trying to add a ConstantLine to a chart in a VC++ 6 application. In my searches I have seen lots of official posts which end up suggesting to look at the documentation. The only problem is that while there seems to be a good amount of decent documentation, its all for C# or VB. It sort of boggles my mind that no ChartFX documentation exists for working in c++.


I have been able to piece together various things that should work, and at least compile, but I have yet to get anything that can actually display a line on the chart. Can anyone help me with a small example that creates a ConstantLine and adds it to an existing chart that will work in c++? 

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The  ChartFX documentation, aside from targeting the .NET Framework, normally targets the Visual Basic 6 development environment since not only it is more popular among COM developers but easier to use than C++; however, in response to the many customers' requests for sample applications that target the Visual C++ environment, I have compile a list of useful samples and have made them available through an article I posted on the following link:


There is a total of eaight samples that deal from using Annotations and Borders, to populating Realtime charts and customizing the chart's toolbar. Please note that each sample with the exception of the Toolbar Customization sample generates the charts programmatically; the Toolbar Customization sample adds the chart at design-time.

The Constant Lines and Axis Sections sample is specific to your request.

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