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Using a PIE chart click to update a Barchart in an asp.net Update panel


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Has any-one tried to put a Pie chart and a Bar chart on the same page and by clicking on a segment triggered the barchart to update in an asp.net update Panel.

The Pie chart generates a client side image map that you can specify the URL for each point. It sounds like the kind of thing using these charts and Ajax should be able to do.

Could I make each point.link.Url a call a javascript function with a paramter or 2 and 'trigger' the update panel that way?

Any pointers hints tips crazy ideas how this might be possible ?


Cheers Bob.

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I have prepared a sample for you. I believe it is what you are looking for. There are two charts on the page, a Pie and a Bar chart. The Bar chart is inside an UpdatePanel. On the Pie chart, I have linked every point to a JavaScript function. That function calls for a postback. The ASP.NET AJAX framework will intercept the postback and fire a partial postback instead. I hope it helps.

 Thank you,

Andre G.

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