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Trying to set different customized colors for different range of values in Surface chart


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I need display a surface chart with different range of data with different colors. The range and colors needs to be changed programatically. My surface chart has 24 series. I tried using this code to add ConditionalAttributes.

Dim legendItem As New LegendItemAttributes

legendItem.Visible =


Chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes(Chart1.Series) = legendItem


Dim Ranges() As Integer = {0, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80}

Dim RangeColors() As Color = {Color.MediumSeaGreen, Color.LightGreen, Color.LightBlue, Color.Yellow, Color.Orange, Color.Salmon, Color.MediumPurple}

Dim i As Integer

Dim ValueRange As Integer

i = 0

For Each ValueRange In RangesDim RangeCond As New ConditionalAttributes

RangeCond.Condition.From = Ranges(i)

If (i < Ranges.Length - 1) Then

RangeCond.Condition.To = Ranges(i + 1)

RangeCond.Text =

"Range (" + Ranges(i).ToString() + "-" + Ranges(i + 1).ToString() + ")"

ElseRangeCond.Condition.To = Double.PositiveInfinity

RangeCond.Text =

"Range>=" + Ranges(i).ToString()

End If

RangeCond.Color = RangeColors(i)

RangeCond.PointLabels.Visible =



RangeCond.Condition.DataElement = Internal.DataElement.YValue

i = i + 1



The result is :

ConditionalAttributes are shown in LegendBox along with autogenerated items with their own color scheme and chart also does not refect the customized colors.

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