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Various flash issues


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I'm having a few problems with getting Flash to work totally in version 6.5. We'd like to render as Flash - I don't get any of these problems with image formats such as png or jpeg. I'm rendering exactly the same charts.

The issues are:

If I use a gradient scheme, the shading on bars is done left to right across bars on the whole chart, not top to bottom as per the documentation and the image formats.

Text is often chopped off at the bottom on axes and in the legend.

If I set FlashWriter.setTooltipsConstraint(true), it doesn't show tooltips for data points that would cause the tooltip to be outside the drawing area at all, rather than moving them so they fit.

If I put a background on the gradient, it is displayed the opposite way round in Flash compared to a bitmap (i.e. left to right instead of right to left).

Other than these things, Flash charts look really good. Are any of these issues like to be fixed soon? Or are there any things I can do to make Flash charts more reliable?



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 Unfortunately, support for Flash rendering in Version 6.5 is kind of limited. I am afraid Image borders are not supported in flash.

On the other hand some of these issues will be addressed in the new version of ChartFX (ChartFX for Java 7) which will have a beta available very soon. There will definitely be support for Borders in the new version.

 We will let you know as soon as the beta is available in case you want to test it out.





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Thanks Tomas - is there any way around the text being chopped off issue? At the moment, that's the number one thing preventing me from wholeheartedly recommending ChartFX for our project (see the flickr link and look at the legend). I'm not sure which of the issues I mentioned is related to image borders.

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I was able to replicate the issue with the labels. It seems that is specific to a combination of font family and size. For example, using the default font ("Arial") and "Courier", with size of 8, showed the labels being cut off; however, using "Helvetica" with the same size showed the labels as expected.

I will report this to our development team; in the meantime, try to find a combination of font family and size that does not break the labels until this issue is resolved.

You can refer to the attached screenshot to see the chart output with the fonts set to "Helvetica" and 8. Thank you for your patience while resolving this problem and I apologize for any inconveniences.

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It's definitely Flash, not Quicktime.

Since facing this issue, we were forced to use the bitmap version for our solution rather than Flash as the Flash part of the product was simply not of production quality. Since then, our company was taken over and the project scrapped and I haven't used ChartFX since. It's possible that a newer version of ChartFX works much better with Flash.

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