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I used a Data tab provider for the line chart.

If I have my result in the dataset as:

Day   No. of Users Team

---- --------------    -----

 Sun   5 A

 Tue    4   A

 Mon   7   B


I have the teams with lines having different color in the graph.Days are on the X-axis and no. of users on

the Y-axis When the result is grouped by name like above the chart shows the X-axis as:

  Sun  Tue Mon

Here Sun and Tue points are joined for Team A line and Team B is represented in the form of a dot. The days on the x-axis are not in order.


And when I GROUP then by day and not team

Day   No. of Users Team

---   -------------    -----

 Sun   5  A

 Mon   7  B

 Tue   4   A

I have the x-axis now in order.

Sun Mon Tue

But in this case the line for team A is not connected between Mon and Tue. It just shows two dots one on Sun

and other on Tue. And a dot is also shown for B on Mon.

 My question is how to have a contineous line connect points for Team A and also the X-axis days are ordered.

Please Help.













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To prevent a broken line between two points as you are experiencing, you can set the InterpolateHidden property to "true". This will draw a connecting line over a missing data point. You can do as follows:

chart1.Data.InterpolateHidden = true;

For more information about this property, please refer to the ChartFX Samples and Resource Center (Documentation installed with the product).

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