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diplaying labels for linear gauges by code


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hi I amtring to generate linear gauges by pure coding and set its values can anybody tell me how to set label values of its marker by code.I mean if I add a marker in horizontal guage I want to set its label values by code so that that values should appear on the browser

i give u example of my code

Public Sub displayguage(ByVal combinationclassobject As Combinationclass, ByVal minvalue As Integer, ByVal maxvalue As Integer) Dim Hguage As New ChartFX.WebForms.Gauge.HorizontalGauge

Hguage.Width = 900

Hguage.MainIndicator.Value = 100

Hguage.Scales(0).Min = minvalue

Hguage.Scales(0).Max = maxvalue

Dim m1 As New ChartFX.WebForms.Gauge.Marker

m1.Color = Drawing.Color.Red

m1.VerticalPosition = IndicatorVerticalPosition.BehindTickmarks


m1.Text = "SalesTyPharmacy"

m1.Value = combinationclassobject.salesTyPharmacyvalue

m1.Visible =



Dim m2 As New ChartFX.WebForms.Gauge.Marker

m2.Color = Drawing.Color.Green

m2.Text =


m2.Value = combinationclassobject.GrossprofitTyPharmacyvalue

m2.Visible =


m2.VerticalPosition = IndicatorVerticalPosition.BehindTickmarks


end sub

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