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ChartFX.ComIEClient.Core.dll restart IEXPLORER.EXE


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We have a problem with ChartFX for .NET (6.2.2839.26822) object. When press right or left click button over the object, the page shows this message:

"Iexplorer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"...

The object is used as ActiveX component on the web page (HtmlTag="ActiveX"). The file involved is ChartFX62\Download\ChartFX.ComIEClient.Core.CAB (vs. 6.2.2530.41472).

The original version 6.2.2211.19351 work fine. The problems appears after Gauges ChartFX component (6.2.2839.26822) update with the ChartFX Service Pack for .NET in the same

Please your help.

Best regards,

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