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Disable group when there's only one item


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Hi, thanks for using Grid FX.  That's an interesting idea, but currently it cannot be done.  There would be several problems with introducing a capability like that.  First, without a group header, the item could appear like it's inside another group (if there is a group above it).  Also, if the grouped column is hidden, which is usually the case, there would be no way to indicate what the actual piece of data is without a group header. 

Can you think of any ways to avoid these pitfalls?


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 Hi Stephen, yes, I had thought of those pitfalls and they way I've been handling it is by having alternate colors by group, not by row.  So if I have three items in one group, all three items have the same color and the next group (or single item outside the group) will have a different color and so on.



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Well, that's exactly the goal, to completely hide the title cell when there's only one item in the group.  I created my own solution using a highly customized Repeater control, it wasn't hard at all, but it would've been nice to use the gridfx.  I'll post some pictures once I can get back to fix the colors to make it more user friendly.



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