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Colouring a chart line & point based on a non- participant data rwo dependent column value in a .net data table


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Hi ChartFX Support,

I am using chart FX 6.2 for .net.

I am loading chart data using .Net Data Table & Cross Tab Data Provider object to show multiple series values. I have 12 columns in my data table and I am using values in first three columns as Column Heading, Row Heading & Value.

The graph is getting displayed. But I have a requirement to colour the point and line based on a flag value in my 4th/5th column in the data table. For which I tried to find is there any other data type. But alas nothing suitable. So I doubt is there a way to colour the chart point and line based on the predefined condition on a column value (with out looping through points) other than X/Y Axis value???

Please Help.




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