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X-Axis Scaling - Multi Series - Date Values


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Hi ChartFX Forum,I am using chart FX 6.2 for .net. It was great when I got answers for my last two posts immediatly. Thanks

I have requirement to plot multiple series in my chart.

X-axis is categorical i.e Date Value But may have gaps in between. Y Axis is numeric.

I have problem in scalling my X-axis when I have multiple series displayed in the graph. I think this happens becuase the number of X-Axis values in one series is continous and other is non-contineous i.e., has gaps in between.

I can understand that it is because of improper scaling.But I could not find how to solve the problem.

The problem is explaine below with example:-Series 1   :-- X-Axis value range from 01/01/2007 to 30/10/2007. There will be data for each day between these two dates.   - Y-Axis value between 100 - 300Series 2   - X-Axis value range from 01/05/2007 to 30/08/2007. But in between there may be small or large gaps i.e., data may not be available for specific date ranges.   - Y-Axis value between 60 - 400

I think one way of solving this issue is filling the gap and creating hidden points for second series. But I am not sure please confirm. However this may take some time in addtion to other specific functional performance degradation I am facing.

Other that the above is there any other way by which we can easily fill the gaps between two dates without looping each individual points?? I think ChartFX 7 has some method calls but my client is working on .Net 2003 so he has purchased ChartFX 6.2 only.

Is there be any issue in my scaling:-I am setting X-Axis min as Series -1 from date, X-Axis Max = Series 1 - To date. X-Axis major step is 2 as the date frequency is "1 Day".

Please tell me how I can solve these issues. Also is there any detailed example where I can understand about scaling X & Y Axis.

I have to deliver my work to client ASAP. Immediate help could be be very very helpful and great.



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