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Questions about Grid Fx


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Following are the questions regarding Grid Fx:

1) Can we set the properties for Border, FloatingBar using style sheet? If yes, then please let me know how to do it.

2) Can we select multiple records in the grid?

3) Can we stop the user from resizing the columns in the grid by dragging the end of the header columns?

4) Is there a property by which we can disable the horizontal and vertical bars?

 Thanks for your help.

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1.  Right now, no you cannot specify a css class(es) to apply to the border.  Grid's border can be one of two main types: image based or css based.  If you set Border.Type to one that ends in "Line", like SolidLine, we use css border properties.  In that case, yes, I agree you should be able to use a custom css class.  This is not possible today but will be in the near future.  However, if you use one of the image-based borders, we cannot honor css classes as the image colors can't be taken from a css class; instead, you have to use property grid props to do it.  Does that work for you?

Also, have you checked out hte Grid.Palette property?  It has like 40 different color schemes.  If you haven't, I highly suggest it.  The grid's Auto Format wizard is another fun way to play with the grid's aesthetics.

2.  At the moment we don't offer multi selection.  We shelved that feature before initial release, and will eventually build it into the product.  Out of the box, grid only uses multi selection for deleting and copying more than one item.  Were you planning to use multiple selection for something besides that?  If so, please explain the scenario so we can get a better understanding of what you want and can ensure that the feature does what you need when we implement it.

3.  Unfortunately, this feature has no disabling property.  This will be included in the next service pack, in addition to other properties for customizing column resizing.  Expect that soon.

4.  Are you talking about scroll bars?  If so, the only way to ensure no scrolling occurs is to not set Grid.Width or Grid.Height.  Basically, if the content exceeds the size set in those properties, we have to scroll.  I suppose we could not render scrollbars, but then the user would have no way to see the clipped content.  Is resetting Grid.Width and Height enough for you?  If not, what do you envision here?

 Thanks for choosing Grid FX.  Your feeback was great.  I am looking forward to your reply.

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1) Yes, Grid.Paging.TopPager.Style should have all the css properties you need.

2) Yes, this could be achieved by handling the Grid.PreRender event and putting "grid1.Items[0].Selected = true" in the method body.  In the future we will expose a public property, such as Grid.Selection.AlwaysSelectAnItem.  Would that be helpful?

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