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I am using the OLAP extension. 

I am trying to alter the values in the tooltips when a user mouses over a point on the chart.  This will be a non-standard value, so I can't use the pre defined masks.

How would I loop through each of the points in the result set, and alter the value of the tooltip that applies to the point?  I am rendering in both the .NET and image renderformats.

Alternatively, if you could let me specify a tooltip value that comes as a result of the MDX statement that is not displayed.  For Example, I have a list of Property Numbers (00818, 00919, etc), each of these properties correspond to a street address.  I only want the property number to show on the X axis, but I want the associated property address to show in the tooltip.  Is that possible?  Does your MDX interpreter allow me to retrieve dimension member properties?



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