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Key labels and multiple x-axes


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If we want to display one x-axis label value, but have the value actually be another value from the dataset. Is that possible? Thus - on the click event I want to be able to do something like:

string companyname = chart.Series[e.Series]..AxisX.Labels[e.point]

string companyid = chart.Series[e.Series]..AxisX.KeyLabels[e.point]

I have tried using different methods, but none got me all the way: 

* I tried using KeyLabels to store the actual value and use the Label for the display. But if I add a KeyLabel it replaces the label on the x-axis and creates a lot of items in the legend that I don't want. I tried using the KeepLabels style of the datasourcesettings, and that worked, but then all the keylabels disappeared.

* I also tried creating another X-axis and create 2 Label Fieldsets and map one of them towards each x-axis. This way I could hide one of them and reach them both from the click event. However if I create another x-axis I could not figure out how to assign a field to that xaxis. Instead both fieldsets were assigned to the first x-axis which concatenated them both.

 What is the recommended way of handling key-values?

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