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Context menu goes haywire


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There seems to be something wrong with how the context menu is rendered for the chartfx control in certain conditions.

 I am trying to put the chartfx inside a user control which should be placed in an absolute positioned div. When doing that, the context menu becomes unusable.


public class MyChart : Control { public MyChart() {   Chart chart = new Chart();   this.Controls.Add(chart); } }



div style="position:absolute" id="myDiv" runat="server"></div>


MyChart mc = new MyChart();


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Hi ... I am rendering as Image...

 The menu flickers so it is nearly impossible to select items... it is displaced (especially when coordinates are set) and menu items are deformed.

 Image is attached.

EDIT: Perhaps I should mention the problem gets worse the further down and to the left the context menu is opened.



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 I sent an email to the support in regards to this issue a few weeks ago. I haven't got a response yet and I'd like to know if there is a fix coming.

 Also I have a few threads to which you have not responded at all yet.

My boss (Matz) is currently negotiating licenses with you and since it concerns a lot of money (we are considering purchasing the redistributable license) I need to know that your product will be able to meet our demands.

Please respond to this and my other threads.


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I have not been able to track down your incident nor I know if anybody started working on it. Do you by any chance have an incident # or can you provide me with the e-mail address you used to open this incident with support? You can send me a private message or you can contact support to (561) 392-2023 and provide them with such information.

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