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Scroll bar problem with the map


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I have been using Chartfx for extensions for visual studio 2005 for drawing maps. I have displayed US map states, and to represent the population .. i have used conditional attributes and associated colors. The Map came up good and also, US STATE colors represent correctly.

 i have added the drill down capabiliy for the state .. and when state is clicked -- the counties of the states will display. I have used different conditional attributes and associated colors -- the couny colors also represent correctly on the drill down.

Now i got the problem with the Map Scroll bars.

 1. When I try to move the scroll bars , The scroll bars move painfully slow -- am i supposed to do any other setting for scroll bars.

2. For the County map, which will get displayed on a drill down from the parent US map with the States -- When i move the scroll bar -- the colors of the counties change -- i tried to see if there any postback .. I think there is nothing. Also .. fyi .. i am using the same chart, and map objects for both state and county maps appropriately set based on main or drill down.

 Can you help me on these 2 problems.





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