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Multipanes in columns?


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Unfortunately, there is not available any property to control the Pane object of ChartFX control. Looking into the Resource Center for Chart FX for VS2005 I found that the properties available for the Pane object are:

Axes: Provides access to the Y Axis Collection for the selected Pane. AxisY: Provides access to the members of the main Y Axis for the selected Pane. BackColor: Gets or sets the inside color for the selected pane. Background: Gets or sets an ImageBackground or GradientBackground object for a pane. BoundingRectangle: Returns a rectangle object that contains attributes for the selected pane. Proportion: Gets or sets a value indicating the proportional size of the selected pane. Separation: Gets or sets a value indicating the space in between panes. Title: Gets the Title object for a selected chart pane. Visible: Gets or Sets a value indicating the Pane object should be shown or not.

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