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Toolbar buttons do not work in Firefox


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I am trying to run the samples for chartFX (version 7.0) in Firefox and I got some strange behavior with the toolbar buttons.

I just took the sample for Borders and Backgrounds and modified the aspx code to use ToolBar-Visible="true" on the chartfx:chart tag.

That works really well, the toolbar shows and I can use it. However, in Firefox, whenever I click on one of those buttons. The chart disappears and I have to reload the page to get it back. In IE, the behavior is as expected.I search the forums for answers but only 12 posts referred to Firefox when I searched.

Am I missing some extra parameters?

Thanks in advance


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ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 works as expected up until version This build of Firefox was recently released and they have acknowledged that there are some problems with it; therefore, this is a problem with Firefox and not ChartFX. Below is an article from Firefox regarding this:


They're going to be releasing a new build some time next week. If problems continue, please let us know so we can further test our component against such Firefox build.

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