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Error in user Chart FX.Lite


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The error is coming from ChartFX. It means that the component has not being initialized.

When you re-opened the project, did you see the chart control on the form? Have you downloaded any ChartFX updates?

I will try to remove the chart control and its references, and drop it again on the form; then, try recompiling the application.

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Thank you very much, I think you are right. I will change codes after adding the two lines and I will test. Because this code is in Thread, it's possible create this error by asynchronization.


ClearDataFlag.PerPointAttributes);chartTV.OpenData(COD.Values, 1, 2);

//assign immediately the values to avoid errors display by Form.NativeWindow

chartTV.Value[0, 0] = 100;

chartTV.Value[0, 1] = 0;




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