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Legend should be split into columns, but isn't


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Usually, ChartFX correctly figures out how many columns to break the legend into based on the height of the chart. However, if a title is added to the legend, ChartFX does not always break the legend into columns as it should. This can result in the title being truncated.

For example:


<!-- #include virtual="/ChartFXInt62/Include/ChartFX.ASP.Core.inc" -->


  Dim chart1

  Set chart1 = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.ASP.Server")

  chart1.OpenData COD_Values, 2,1

  chart1.Value(0,0) = 1

  chart1.Value(1,0) = 1

  chart1.Value(2,0) = 1  

  chart1.CloseData COD_Values


  Chart1.SerLegBoxObj.DrawingArea = False

  Dim serLegBoxObj

  Set serLegBoxObj = chart1.SerLegBoxObj

  serLegBoxObj.Titles(0).Text = "XXXXX"

  Chart1.SerLegBox = True 

  chart1.Gallery = Gallery_Gantt

  chart1.Stacked = Stacked_Normal

  Chart1.Series(0).Legend = "A"

  Chart1.Series(1).Legend = "B"

  Chart1.Series(2).Legend = "C"


<%= chart1.GetHtmlTag(200, 80, "PNG") %>

Notice how the XXXXX legend title is truncated.

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