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A Question about Min and Max of Y-Axis


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I am making a 2D chart for a pit. As you see pit goes below the ground level, so I defined a constant line as ground level and made its to be zero. But I also do not want the top of the pit attach all the way to top of the chart. So I define the Max of the Y-Axis to be 1.0 in the code so that I can see the whole graph and at the same there will be a little space between the pit and the top of chart. But when I run the program, I found that the pit tightly attached to the roof of the chart. When I open the Properties -> Y-Axis -> Details -> Scale tab, I found minimum is a pretty reasonable value like -20 or something, but maximum is always 0. What did I do wrong? Will the values defined in the code overwritten the values defined in the Properties Window, or the vise versa? Thanks in advance for anyone who can give a bit of info for this.

the following is part of the code that try to do this job.

private void SetAxis() { double AxisXMin = 0.0; double AxisXMax = 0.0; double AxisYMin = 0.0; double AxisYMax = 0.0; // the Axis X is set to be the max length of headcut length // and tailcut length plus the pit length with 500 exta. AxisXMin = 0.0; AxisXMax = marginX + Lshmax + Lp + Lstmax + marginX; AxisYMin = 0 - (Yp + 1.0); AxisYMax = 1.0; //Initialization of the Axis object setting chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].AutoScale = true; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_Y].AutoScale = false; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].Min = AxisXMin; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].Max = AxisXMax; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_Y].Min = AxisYMin; //When in the debugging run, I see this line of code is executed, but its value is just not right!!  chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_Y].Max = AxisYMax; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].STEP = 100; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].MinorStep = 10; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_X].Decimals = 1; chartScour.Axis[ChartfxLib.CfxAxisIndex.AXIS_Y].Decimals = 1; .................................... }   
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Hi, Frank

After the first post, I commented out four lines of code which are used to assign the min and max values for X-axis and Y-axis, and run the program again. The results are exactly same, so I doubt those four lines of code did not do anything, although they are executed. When I open the Properties -> Y-Axis -> Details -> Scale tab, I found the minimum is -20.0 and maximum is 0.0 for the Y-axis. They should be -21.0 and 1.0 respectively. Does this imply that the culprit is hiding somewhere else? It would be so nice appreciated if you can give a tip for fix!

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