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Bar graph Min and Max Step


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Step values are not properly applied for x Axis in my horizontal Bar.  Please find the following code lines


chtChart.AxisX.Max = dblFrMax;

chtChart.AxisX.Min = dblFrMin;

chtChart.AxisX.Step = (dblFrMax - dblFrMin) / (intMax - intMin);


My values are as follows

Data Values for x aixs are 65.0,  66.7, 68.4,  70.1, 71.8, 73.5 and 75.2



(dblFrMax - dblFrMin) / (intMax - intMin) =  1.70000004 (After Calculations)

i want the Labels in my X axis to be 65.0, 66.7, 68.4..  but it is displaying 66.3 and  68.0..

 What i have to do get it displayed like 65.0, 66.7..

 I am using Chart Fx 2005.

Please help me in this regards





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Dear Senthil,

Bar charts are meant to work with categorical X axis only. By passing X values to your chart, you are making the X axis numerical. I believe you would get the desired results if you pass your X values as labels, not data. The following code will generate the chart I think you are looking for, with random data on the Y axis and your data as X axis labels.

 chart1.Data.Series = 1;

chart1.Data.Points = 7;

Random r = new Random();for (int i = 0; i < chart1.Data.Series; i++)


for (int j = 0; j < chart1.Data.Points; j++)


chart1.Data[i, j] = r.Next(100);



chart1.AxisX.Labels[0] =

chart1.AxisX.Labels[1] =

"66.7";chart1.AxisX.Labels[2] = "68.4";

chart1.AxisX.Labels[3] =

"70.1";chart1.AxisX.Labels[4] = "71.8";

chart1.AxisX.Labels[5] =

"73.5";chart1.AxisX.Labels[6] = "75.2";

chart1.Gallery =


chart1.AllSeries.Horizontal =





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