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Re-arrange panes in Financial extension

Kristjan Birgisson

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I am using ChartFx for VS2005

I have one question about how to rearrange the technical studies panes on the chart.  For example I want to show the RSI on the top and the MACD on the bottom, the middle pane has the price chart(look at 'IwantRearrangePanesLikeThis.gif').



When I am looking at Candelstick chart the legend box has the text ‚Prices‘ to explain the cancdlestick, I want to change that to diffrent value for my icelandic customers( f.e. ‚Verð‘) If I have the chart as a line then I can use


financial1.Gallery.Analytical.ClosePriceSeries.Text = symbol + " - Loka";

to change the label but that dosent work when the chart is of the type candlestick, How is this done? (see picture – 'orginalLook.gif')


Lastly when I use:

ChartFX.WebForms.Financial.SimpleMovingAverage200 avr = new ChartFX.WebForms.Financial.SimpleMovingAverage200();


To draw the moving average the first 200 values are estimated and therefor wrong.  Is it the only way to calculate the MA manually and draw it on the chart as a static study???  (see picture – 'orginalLook.gif')


Thanks for the support

Best regards

Kristján H Birgisson

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Posted Image

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