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Thank you Felix, 

That works!!!

Possibly this is an item for the KB?


Maurice Wasbauer

"Felix Arrese-Igor" <FelixA@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Due to a compilation mistake in the previous releases, the Financial

> Extension library is not including the SfxBar library information.

> That's why Delphi can't expand "ToolBarObj" information for FE. This

> problem will be fixed in version

> In the meantime, try the following:


> In the Uses include "SfxBar_TLB", this unit should be in your import

> subfolder.

> Declare a variable as follow:

> FEToolBar: IToolBar;


> In your code add:

> FinExt.ToolBarObj.QueryInterface (IID_IToolBar, FEToolBar);

> FEToolBar.SizeToFit;


> -----Original Message-----

> From: M.Wasbauer [ mailto:m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl]

> Posted At: Friday, February 25, 2000 7:52 PM

> Posted To: Localization

> Conversation: In Delphi I am missing properties and procedures

> Subject: In Delphi I am missing properties and procedures



> Hello there.

> I have a problem that drives me nuts...

> Hopefully someone knows what's going on here in Delphi 4(UP3):


> I dropped a ChartFX98 chart on a form.

> I imported the financial extension typelibrary into Delphi.

> I put FINANCIALCHARTSEXTLib_TLB in the uses clause.

> I declared a global variable FinExt this way: FinExt:

> FinancialCharts;


> I add the financial extension at the OnCreateForm event like this:

> FinExt := CoFinancialCharts.Create;

> ChartFX1.AddExtension(FinExt);


> Now I have a pointer (FinExt) to the financial chart extension.


> Then I load two Localization DLL's. One for Chartfx98 and the other for

> the

> Financial Extension.

> ChartFX1.Language('D:\Test\Dutch1.dll');

> FinExt.Language('D:\Test\Dutch2.dll');


> So far everything works okay.

> Now I need to resize the menubars to fit the longer local (dutch)

> translated

> words.

> in ChartFX98 it goes well like this:

> ChartFX1.MenuBarObj.SizeToFit;


> BUT with Finext.ToolBarObj there seems to be a lot missing.

> I expect to see properties, functions and procedures but I only see 7

> functions and nothing more.

> These are the functions I do see when I hit the period button (and the

> little menu rolls out):


> function _AddRef

> function _Release

> function GetIDsOfNames

> function GetTypeInfo

> function GetTypeInfoCount

> function Invoke

> function QueryInterface


> That's it. This drives me crazy. I cannot find why I am getting only

> these

> functions and nothing more.

> I hope someone can tell me or point me at a direction what could be

> wrong

> here.


> I tried it also in VB5 but there I actually do get the complete list

> with

> properties, functions and procedures

> so I think it must be somewhere in Delphi.



> Thanks in advance.


> Maurice Wasbauer

> m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl

> The Netherlands







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