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Line of Best Fit

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"Shoba Thamma" <sthamma@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> Hello all,


> Is it possible to generate a line of best fit on a scatterplot (XY Plot)


> ChartFX graphs? If so, could a kind reader of this message please share


> code?


> Many thanks.

> :~)Shoba.


That's called linear regression analysis, or "least squares". You'll need

to do the math yourself - the formula calculates the slope and Y-intercept

of the best fit line. Using that, you'll need to manually add another

series (as a Line), with one X-Y point for each X position.

It's not rocket science...but, it's close.

Alternatively, I think there's a plug-in for ChartFX that supports that

requirement without your having to do the calculations yourself.


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