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How can I create a real-time chart such that X axis diplays time such that

labels are displayed only near minute marks? (From time to time I receive an

array of data to append. Each value corresponds to 1 second of


I do not know the length of the experiment, thus I can't evaluate Max

property properly during initialisation stage. And it is not clear from the

help how to define Min property such that the starting point would be e.g.


m_pChart->Axis->Item[AXIS_X]->Format = "THH:mm"; // format of labels

m_pChart->Axis->Item[AXIS_X]->STEP = 1.0 / 24.0 / 60.0; // 1 minute labels


m_pChart->Axis->Item[AXIS_X]->Min = ???;

m_pChart->Axis->Item[AXIS_X]->Max = ???;

Thank you in advance.

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