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I used Babel Fish to translate this .. it may make some sense to someone :-)

hello (today times on German * g *) me chart fx com trail the object

down-loaded. now I have an ACCESS 200 railways in which I that to use would

like I have a main form in unterfomular lie and there is my chart object in

it. that folds so far also all super I can the object by vba steer and

everything is class HOWEVER persists comes the following error message: "Sie

have the expression XXXXXXX as attitude of the event characteristic entered

this expression an error caused: with the attempt, a active x control member

on one of their forms or one their reports to load, is an error arisen the

expression gives possibly neither the names macros nor the names of a

user-defined function still event procedure back with evaluates a function

of an event or macros stepped possibly an error auf." the XXXXXXX are to

replace with PrePaint, ToolTip, LButtonDown etc.. # how wars I the problem

geloest?hat does an idea? thanks in vorraus axel

"Axel Becker" <260382@web.de> wrote in message


> hallo (heute mal auf deutsch *g*)


> habe mir das chart fx com trail objekt runtergeladen.


> nun habe ich eine access 200 db in dem ich das benutzen m

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