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Looking for a data visualization app

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We make a product that is used by R&D labs to operate robotic equipment to

perform lots and lots of experiments (this is typically called "high

throughput experimentation"). We use chartfx in our product in multiple

places for basic trending of collected data. We use just a fraction of

chartfx features.

Now that we've created an easy way for the chemist to generate a pile of

data, we'd like to provide a data visualization tool. We're not looking for

close product integration (although I won't rule that out in the long term),

we're just looking for a standalone data visualization package that we can

pass data to during product demonstrations. Being based on chartfx would be

a plus since it would have a similar look as our product.

We'd prefer a demo license, and we'd be showing the product to our


Any pointers are welcomed.



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