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To All:

I am relatively new to ChartFX and just started creating my own charts (not

justupdating previous charts). We are using a combination of ChartFX CLient

Server, Active Reports and VB6. For the life of me, I can not figure out how

to get a stacked bar chart to work. I went through tons of newsgroups

postings, the API reference and user's guide. Everythign I try is wrong! I

only get the first series to show up.

Basically, I had a chart with one series I tried to update it to use 2

series instead. I have a recordset that has three values. The 2nd and 3rd

values I would like stacked, but can't figure it out!!! Any help (even just

potining me to the right section in the APIs would help).

Thanks In Advance,

Heath Golub

---> What I tried ...

variaus combinations of setting the correct chart type using ...

'ChartFX1.Gallery = BAR

'ChartFX1.Stacked = CHART_STACKED

ChartFX1.Series(0).Gallery = BAR

ChartFX1.Series(1).Gallery = BAR

ChartFX1.Series(1).Stacked = True

Various attempts to set the Data in the chart ...

Do While (rsMaturityDataBefore.EOF = False)

ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(lYearIndex) =


ChartFX1.ValueEx(0, lYearIndex) =


ChartFX1.ValueEx(1, lYearIndex) =


'ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(lYearIndex) =


'ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(lYearIndex) =


lYearIndex = lYearIndex + 1



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