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I have ChartFX Client/Server fully patched, with the Financial Extension

also fully patched...

I am having trouble with you axis.style property.

At first I used the financial extension to set it:

FinExt.PricesAxis.Style = FinExt.PricesAxis.Style Or AS_INTERLACED

Nothing happened... So I called Chartfx.refresh after setting the style...

still nothing...

I assumed that maybe the financial extension wasn't the right way to set it,

so I attempted:

ChartFX.Axis(AXIS_Y2).Style = ChartFX.Axis(AXIS_Y2).Style Or AS_INTERLACED


Still nothing... Oddly enough, If I add any type of study to the chart

(Simple moving average, etc) the interlaced shows, and beyond the point when

I added the study (while the app is running) the call to either

ChartFX.Axis(AXIS_Y2).Style or FinExt.PricesAxis.Style works perfectly.

What is going on here?

Thanking you in advance,

Chase Gale

FX Technologies

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