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Printing zoomed in graph not working.

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I am trying to print a part of the graph that I am zoomed in on and it

prints the entire graph. I am using the ChartFX client server version for

Visual C++ with MFC. I found the following article on the support website,

but it doesn't apply to the version I am using. Is there anything similar

that I can use? The "Selection" option is not available for me.

If I need to use the programatic way Print(-1, -1) how do I catch the print

event after the Print Setup dialog is OK'd, or would I have to do it before?

Is there an example around that I can possibly look at if this is the only


Thank you in advance,

Diana Tetelman


Q6003090. Printing zoomed area from Print Preview Dialog

The information on this article applies to

a.. Chart FX for .NET Web Forms

b.. Chart FX for .NET Windows Form


Chart FX for .NET now supports printing a zoomed range from the print

preview dialog.


Previously, the only way to print a zoomed area in a chart was to

programmatically use the following code:


Now you may set Selection as the print range in the print preview dialog to

print a zoomed area.


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