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Regarding Chart Client Server Version 5.0

Our users want to save their Chart FX window setting as Chart FX templates

file(with no data). For example, they changed the decimal place for X axis

to zero, and they didn't show labels for Y axis. They also changed the

fonts and colors for X and Y axis ect. Then they opened File| Save,

selected Save as ChartFX templates(no data) and then saved as template file.

When they open this template file in Chart FX window again, the setting is

not the same as their original setting. In other words, the Y axis did show

labels, and the decimal place for X axis is not equal to zero any more.

I don't know whether this is a bug or not. My questions are: for the save

template function, what are the properties it should keep track of? What

are the properties it doesn't keep track of?

To reproduce the problem:

1. Open the attached 'data_and_template.CHD' file in Chart FX window.

2. Go to File|Save Chart in your Chart FX window and select Save as ChartFX

templates(no data), then type the name and save it.

3. In another Chart FX window, open the template file you saved. Then you'll

find out what are the difference for the setting.

I also attached a bmp file which I captured from my machine. It shows what

it looks like on my computer.

I knew there is a bug for saving as Text file(data only) function. I don't

know when will this bug be fixed? So our users can easily save their data

and setting in two seperate files and then can combine them into one again.



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