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Interested in Customized chart VC++ sample based on PostPaint event?

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(VC++ 6.0, ATL, Cfx4032.dll)


I have asked here if and how can I draw lines that cannot be

expressed by series into the chart, and I have obtained good

hints from Software FX (FP) -- thanks.

The arrow object from Annotation Extension seemed

to be the right thing. But for my purpose, I did find easier

to detect PostPaint event and to draw what I need

(the line) using the Windows GDI functions.

As the side effect, I have created two working examples

written in VC++ 6.0 that use Cfx4032.dll and the sfxbar.dll

via #import. The code uses ATL (no MFC) and GDI functions.

The first example detects PostPaint event through

notifications sent to the message queue, the second one uses

ICfxEvents interface.

Is anyone interested in the samples? (You can do anything

you want with them.) If yes, I can post here the zip file

(about 30KB). No licence string is used inside, so I hope

that it would not be illegal ;)



Petr Prikryl (prikrylp at skil dot cz)

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