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DOM and LoadFromString

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Does anyone know why I have to explicitly add

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>

to the front of any string i use in the LoadFromString method of XML


if I have ADO persisted to DOM like:

rsXML.Save oDOM, 1

I can only get it into provider two ways:

1. Save DOM to disk and use LoadURL( diskfile ) ---expensive I/O

2. LoadFromString( "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>" &

oDOM.xml )

not adding the declaration causes failure in load (just oDOM.xml fails.)

is this because the in memory declaration of DOM is UTF-8 or some similar or

just not present when DOM.xml called?

What is LoadFromString looking for that DOM does not supply via oDOM.xml.

The above solution works for me, but any enlightenment appreciated.



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